Tail Twister Rotor

The TX2 tail twister series II Rotator is for large medium antenna arrays up to 20 sq. ft. wind load.    Wind load with mast adapter is 10 sq. ft.  It has 100 inches-pounds in turning power and 9000 inches-pounds in brake power.  The effective movement in the tower is 3400 feet-pounds.


A new automatic 5 second brake delay insures that the rotator is fully stopped before the break is engaged.


Windload capacity (inside tower)                                     20 square feet

Wind load (w/ mast adaptor)                                               10 square feet

Turning Power                                                                        1000 in-lbs.

Brake Powr                                                                             9000 in lbs

Brake Constuction                                                                Electric Wedge

Bearing Assembly                                          Triple race/138 Ball bearings

Mounting Hardware                                        Clamp Plate/Steel U bolts

Control Cable Conductors                                                   8

Shipping Weight                                                                    31 lbs

Elective Movement (in tower)                                           3400 ft.-lbs..