MA5V Five Band Restricted-Space Vertical Antenna

>light-weight rugged construction
>Rapid breakdown for storage or transpoint
>NO exotic matching networks or tuners
>Advanced "no radial" OCFD design

Cushcraft's new MA5V delivers superb HF multi-band performace while maintaining a neighbor-friendly low profile.  Perfect for roof-mounts, patios, small backyards, condos, and motor homes, this 6.5 pound bantam-weight installs quickly without the "heavy lifting" required for larger antennas.  Wheather you
install it permanently or take it down between operating sessions, you'll appreciate speciall features like the MA5V's Gust-absorbing fiberglass base, resin-sealed resonators coils, aluminum mast blocks, and all-stainless hardware.  Best of all the MA5V is solidly engineered -- its "no-radial" OCFD design delivers low SWR and high performace without using exotic matching networks or tuners.  Simpply connect a radio and you're ready to work the world! The MA5V is the perfect restricted-space DX solution for 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters.